Summer Angel

Summer Angel Fountain by Derrick Ivey

Summer Angel Fountain by Derrick Ivey

Meet “Eternity,” the stone angel fountain who keeps watch over the town of Glorious Hill, Mississippi, in Tennessee Williams’ Summer and Smoke at Deep Dish Theater Company in Chapel Hill, NC, running through September 19.

Set Designer Derrick Ivey learned how to sculpt in order to build this gorgeous focal point. It ain’t no Home Depot bird bath.

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9 Responses to Summer Angel

  1. Ed says:

    A classy looking lady.

    Is Derrick going to auction off the statue after the show closes?

  2. Katja says:

    The angel is going home with Derrick after strike!

  3. Jeff says:

    The Angel is a stunning piece of stage craft. Will she be attending Derrick and Lance’s Halloween party?

  4. Derrick says:

    Ed asked me to post something about how the Angel came to be….

    I almost didn’t accept the design job because of her. The thought of building a life-sized angel/fountain (water flows from her hands) scared me silly. But fear precedes every great endeavor, so I bit the bullet — and now here she is.

    The armature consists of a torn apart and re-assembled mannequin, wire, fencing material, and wire mesh. On top of this I sculpted the Angel out of supertufa — a mixture of concrete (for strength) and peat moss (to make it somewhat lightweight). She still weighs about 300 pounds, so moving her into the theater was quite an adventure (thanks to Tom Marriott for helping!); but she is now in place and ready for her spotlight every night.

  5. Stephen says:

    The Angel is stunning. Granted, she is a bit stand-offish at times, and we are still working on trying to get other fun liquids to gush from her hands, but I will say that she is very professional. Never late for her call!

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