Skateable Art Opening


Durham Central Park’s new skateboard park/interactive art installation finally opened on Saturday, and area ‘boarders were out in force, along with hundreds of onlookers.

The park includes “…a floating quarter pipe, launch boxes, step-up bank, 3-seven step stairs with handrails, a street clam, and an 8 inch trog bowl.” (Yeah, me either.)


Ujamaa boardhouse is a recently opened skateboard shop/art gallery at Little Five Points. Read an interview with owner Nik Spaulding for more about the park and Durham’s skateboard community.

Skaters were already trying out the park prior to the opening. Here’s some funny statistical analysis of early adopters from The Archer Pelican blog.

Here’s the unofficial skatepark myspace page.

Short iPhone video at the skatepark:


2 Responses to Skateable Art Opening

  1. Jeff says:

    The second picture is spectacular!

  2. Ed says:

    Thanks! It’s a screen grab from the video. As you can see, he’s a great skater.

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