“Reader, I partied down!”

Little Green Pig opened their new show, Jane Eyre, at Manbites Dog last Friday night. After the performance, cast and audience got together for a celebration in Manbites Dog’s lobby.


Here’s Grace, a young theater fan, taking the opportunity to pose with a lifelike simulacrum of the show’s heroine, Jane Eyre (Emma Nadeau).


Me Emma, you Jane. ¿Quién es más realista? Emma Nadeau celebrates the evening with her eponymous alter ego.


Somebody just can’t wait! A view of the reception feast, prepared by Angleterre Catering.


More goodies. Another view of the feast, just before the famished crowd devoured it.


Kudos! Michael O’Foghludha congratulates Dana Marks, who plays multiple characters in Jane Eyre.


Cointreau Coconut Truffle Tray. They were as delicious as they look. (Angleterre Catering is selling these and other truffles in holiday gift boxes; contact them by email, if you’re tempted. And yes, it’s okay to gift yourself!)


More, please! Steve Tell and Rose Hoban blissing out on the chocolate-covered strawberries.


A job well done! After months of hard work, Jane Eyre director Tom Marriott finally gets a chance to relax and enjoy the show.


Little Green Pig’s production of Jane Eyre continues at Manbites Dog through December 19. Find out more about the show here.


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