Third Friday – Pine trees and pedal steel

‘Side by Side’ © Isabel Chicquor, at Through This Lens

Durham’s monthly art walk returns Friday night, featuring a bunch of things to see at nine different venues, including Broad Street Cafe, Golden Belt, Through This Lens, Kung Fu Tattoo, BCAC, The Scrap Exchange, and more.

As part of the evening, those enigmatic folks at 715 have a one-night-only installation, “Sticks (Light)” which includes “pine trees; rope; hooks; windows; spot lights; fabric; fire extinguishers; wood; studio space; pedal steel, acoustic, and electric guitar; bass guitar; theremin; fiddle; chimes; keyboard; cello; organ; piano; ektara; saw”. Guys, you had me at “pine trees”. 7:30-10:00, 715 Washington.

Get the complete Third Friday schedule and map here.


2 Responses to Third Friday – Pine trees and pedal steel

  1. DK says:

    Durham has an art walk! This is exciting. Just back after ten years in other places.

    Love it that you are still around. Wrote about one of your new shows on our blog.


  2. Jeff says:

    The pine trees were wonderful!

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