Backstage Confidential – God’s Ear

The Upstager’s clandestine photographer (let’s just call her “N.Q.”) managed to infiltrate rehearsals for Manbites Dog’s upcoming show, God’s Ear, and came back with some shocking photos.

Even after four weeks of rehearsal, one of the actors
is still shocked by a surprising plot twist.
(L-R: Will Halman, Meredith Sause, Marcia Edmundson)

* * * *

Who fired that shot?
(Suspects L-R: Will Halman, Meredith Sause, Marcia Edmundson, Derrick Ivey)

* * * *

Discover more confidential backstage photos from God’s Ear here.

* * * *

What’s it like behind the scenes at your show?
The Upstager wants to know.
Send us your shocking backstage photos or videos,
and we’ll share them with the world.


One Response to Backstage Confidential – God’s Ear

  1. Nicole Quenelle says:

    This is great, Ed! Thanks for posting the photos. Have you considered putting a feed for the Upstager on Facebook and/or Twitter? Might increase readership and drive people to the Manbites webpage as well. Just a thought! 🙂

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