More exclusive images from ‘Jade City’!

Last week we posted pictures from Little Green Pig’s video preview for their May 2011 Black superhero saga, Jade City Chronicles Volume 1: The Super Spectacular Bad Ass Herald MF Jones. You can see those pictures here.

The video, created by Jim Haverkamp and Alex Maness, is still unavailable online — it’s being shown exclusively before performances of shows in Little Green Pig’s The Theme Is Blackness festival. (The current show is Harriet Jacobs, running this Wednesday through Saturday at Manbites Dog.)

Today we have a couple of shots that give a better look at Herald Jones’ costume, which seems to have an interesting Bronze Age comics vibe. See what you think:

Superhero Herald Jones (Mike Wiley) patrols the skies above Jade City!

• • • • •

A Jade City citizen (Chelsea Kurtzman) glimpses Herald as he races off to kick some ass!

• • • • •



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