Theater Trivia Contest

A scene from this (fictional) Broadway musical appears in the movie version of what (real) Broadway musical?

Post your answer — the title of the Broadway musical — by leaving a comment. The first correct response wins a $25 gift certificate to Piedmont restaurant in Durham. (Comments are moderated and will not appear until we announce the winner.)

Congratulations to Thaddaeus Edwards who almost instantly identified On the Town — the 1944 musical made into the 1949 movie, and whose plot is about — yes — a day in New York. Thad wins the $25 gift certificate to Piedmont.

Thanks to everyone for playing!

1. Only one comment per person.
2. Only one title in your comment.
3. The first correct entry wins.
4. Conflict of interest: If you are a Manbites staff or board member, a Triangle theater reviewer or media editor, or a family member of the above, you are not eligible for the prize, (but you CAN post an entry just for bragging rights).


7 Responses to Theater Trivia Contest

  1. Mike says:

    On the Town

  2. Lanya Shapiro says:

    Would it be On the Town?? Gene Kelly is one of my favorites, but it’s been awhile since I’ve seen this film…

  3. Dan S. says:

    OK, this works funny.

    “On The Town”

  4. kendy madden says:

    On the Town?

  5. I was going to say it was from a famous Busby Berkeley musical named after a street…. but I think it actually might be from “Meet Me in St. Louis”.

    Although that started as a movie BEFORE it was a Broawday musical, if I’m not mistaken…fun contest in any case!!!

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