Upstager Contest: Beaucoup blue clue

What is this?

Post your answer by leaving a comment. The first correct response wins a $25 gift certificate to fabulous local eatery (and Manbites Dog season sponsor) Piedmont Restaurant in Durham. (Comments are moderated and will not appear until we announce the winner.)

UPDATE: We have a winner!

1. Only one comment per person.
2. Only one answer in your comment.
3. The first comment with the correct identification of the above image wins.
4. If there is no correct answer a new clue will appear daily until we have a winner.
5. Conflict of interest: If you are a Manbites Dog staff or board member, a Triangle theater reviewer or media editor, or a family member of the above, you are not eligible for the prize (but you CAN post an entry just for bragging rights).

Good luck!

Blue Clue #2:

Blue Clue #3:

Blue Clue #4:


Congratulations to Melissa, who was the first to identify The Starry Night (1889) by Vincent van Gogh, using only a very small detail from the work. Melissa wins a $25 gift certificate to Piedmont Restaurant.

All the images are taken from Google’s Art Project, which allows you to take a virtual tour of 17 art museums around the world (including New York’s MOMA, home of Starry Night) and also lets you zoom in for amazing detail on many of their artworks.

Thanks to everyone for participating! New contest coming soon.


11 Responses to Upstager Contest: Beaucoup blue clue

  1. Cyndi Bunn says:

    VERY, VERY close-up of the iris of the eye in the “Now You See Me” card?

  2. Melissa says:

    Looks like part of the sky from Starry Night by Van Gogh

  3. Thomas Carson says:

    I think it is a portion of Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

  4. Ed says:

    Clue #2 added…

  5. Joe says:

    Is it new artwork for the theatrical adaptation of the Samuel Jackson thriller Deep Blue Sea?

  6. Cyndi Bunn says:

    Ok, so I’ve already guessed once. Consequently, this is an non-qualifying guess — Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”?

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