Theater Weak – Same Old, Same Old

Vladimir and Estragon in Alien Swamp Farm’s Waiting for the Dead
Photo: Eric Brochu

A listing of Triangle theater performances through April 1, 2011

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Cradle and All – Just when Del and Zee thought their week couldn’t get any worse, a bittersweet loss causes them to reexamine their marriage and their house remodeling plans. Man-Eating Cat Theater’s latest in a series of tragicomedies about dead children. Featuring live accompaniment by Kronos Quartet.

Every Day Is Christmas, Carol! – Ebeneezer Scrooge, using lots of songs and recycled pop culture references, rescues a ragtag bunch of singing orphans from greedy land developers. Artistic Director David D. David writes, directs, and stars in an edgy new musical comedy at Theater in the Parking Lot. Opens this weekend. (Note: all remaining performances are sold out.)

Waiting for the Dead, or Do You Feel, Lucky? – The planned double-cross of an inner-city gangster named Godot goes awry for his two underlings, when they find their drug-fueled existential despair interrupted by a zombie apocalypse. Big Ass Alien Swamp Farm Theatrical Endeavor’s latest genre mash-up continues through next week, or until the Beckett estate gets wind of it.

The WASP Festival – Playtime Recycling Theatre continues a multi-decade festival of plays by and/or about upper-middle class white people, featuring works by Donald Margulies, Noël Coward, Phillip Barry, A.R. Gurney, and — via an odd loophole in the guidelines — Aristophanes. Ongoing, into the indefinite future.

WHAT DID HE SAY? – “Haven’t we already seen this one? I think they already did it last year. Remember, it had that girl in it. You know, the one who was in that other one about the math professor and the nuns that you slept through? If they hadn’t cursed so much and played the music so loud, it would have been good. Has it started? I think this is a different one. I hope it isn’t like that other one.” Last Gasp Players presents some play or other, but keeps the air conditioner set so high you could get frostbite. Bargain Matinee: Buy one ticket, your oxygen tank gets in free.

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