Xmas Xitsch Xontest

It’s 100°+ outside so what better time for a Christmas contest?

Do you have 1970’s/early 1980’s-era holiday decorations stashed in the closet/attic/garage? If your decades-old Xmas bling is really tacky, or kitsch, or just plain odd, you could win a prize AND have your trashy treasures featured onstage in Manbites Dog’s next show!

It’s true! Our upcoming production, Buddy Cop 2, takes place in 1982 during a somewhat — unusual — Christmas season, and we need a variety of period holiday decorations for the set — ornaments, colored lights, Frosty or Rudolph piñatas, hanging snowflakes, 35-year-old Claxton Fruitcakes, Santa iconography, etc.

If you’ve got something that screams “Oh God! What were they thinking?” or “Where in the world did you get that?” we’d love to see it, and possibly use it in the show. And if your beloved piece of hideous yuletide nostalgia is selected, you win a prize!

But don’t delay — Buddy Cop 2 opens next week, so we need to hear from you by this weekend the beginning of next week — let’s say Saturday Monday at noon. Good luck!

1. Email us – manbitesdogtheater@gmail.com – a photo of your item(s), with the words “Xmas Contest” in the subject line. (Do NOT drop the item off at our door in the dead of night.)
2. Must be a photo of something you actually own — no google images.
3. Indicate in your email that you are willing to loan said item for the duration of the show (through June 25).
4. If you like, tell us why the item has a special meaning for you.
5. Winner or winner(s) get prizes — likely to be free tickets to the show, and a restaurant gift certificate.
6. We reserve the right to give no prizes if the entries are all too tasteful.

Questions? Contact us by email, or comment below.

Buddy Cop 2 runs June 16-25 at Manbites Dog.
Buy tickets/get info.

3 Responses to Xmas Xitsch Xontest

  1. Jeff Storer says:

    this is a great idea!!!!!

    • Ed says:

      Your user pic would qualify as Santa iconography if it were on an ornament, or printed on a Christmas sweater.

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