Durham makes an uncredited cameo appearance in the new Apple iPhone 4S commercial featuring its new voice assistant Siri, which suggests three “fairly close locksmiths” to a woman locked out of her house.

Two of the suggestions — Don Hill’s Lock & Safe and Clayton Locksmith are indeed in Durham on the streets indicated. (The third, Morrisey Locksmith, is apparently fictional, as is its location on “Superba Ave”.)

Though the actual house exterior shown is likely a stock photo*, we can use the indicated distances (3.3 miles from Don Hill’s and 4.0 from Clayton Locksmith) to do a rough plotting of its two possible locations:

• just south of the Durham Freeway near the Bacon Street side of the Durham Tech campus,
• or just east of northern Sherwood Park and south of Cheek Road, possibly on Castlebay Road or Andover Drive.

We will leave it as an exercise in crypto-cartography for the reader to deduce the possible location(s) of Morrisey Locksmith.

* Unless Open Durham can prove otherwise.

See the whole ad here

2 Responses to Siriously?

  1. Rob says:

    Is there any chance McKinney was involved with the campaign?

  2. Ed says:

    Don’t know, but their website doesn’t list Apple as a client.

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