Bargain Ticket Night of the Living Dead!

When there’s no more room in HELL… the dead will go see A SHOW!!

Durham’s Zombie Lurch takes place this Saturday night from 5:00 to 8:00 in downtown Central Park. If you are one of the undead horde, shamble over to Manbites Dog Theater right after, which is offering a special Post-Lurch Zombie Discount Ticket to Haymaker‘s hot new show, Living with the Tiger.

Just show up at the door in zombie makeup (or any Halloween costume) before 8:15 and you can see the performance for only $5 (normal price $17!).

Show ends about 9:15, leaving you plenty of time afterwards to devour more of the citizenry – or head across the street to the after party at Motorco.

PRIZE: After the show Manbites will award a $25 cash prize and other goodies for best costume(s) and/or best zombie(s).

1. CASH OR CHECK ONLY. No advance sales prior to Saturday at 7:00. No late ticket sales (after 8:15).
2. One discount ticket per zombie.
3. You must be costumed/made up as a zombie (not just walking stiff-legged and making guttural noises).
4. Non-zombie Halloween costumes also qualify for the discount, but Manbites may be strict about the definition of “costume”. (Putting on a mask you just bought at the drugstore probably won’t suffice.)
5. ABSOLUTELY NO guttural moaning, decomposing, or eating of audience members is allowed during the performance.


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