“Same old, same old!” – S. Pepys

Samuel Pepys, 17th Century Theater Critic
Tryphon by Roger Boyle, Earl of Orrery – ★☆☆☆☆

Tuesday December 8, 1668:

“…went home to dinner, where my wife tells me of my Lord Orrery’s new play “Tryphon,” at the Duke of York’s house, which, however, I would see, and therefore put a bit of meat in our mouths, and went thither; where, with much ado, at half-past one, we got into a blind hole in the 18d. place, above stairs, where we could not hear well, but the house infinite full, but the prologue most silly, and the play, though admirable, yet no pleasure almost in it, because just the very same design, and words, and sense, and plot, as every one of his plays have, any one of which alone would be held admirable, whereas so many of the same design and fancy do but dull one another; and this, I perceive, is the sense of every body else, as well as myself, who therefore showed but little pleasure in it.”

via The Diary of Samuel Pepys


One Response to “Same old, same old!” – S. Pepys

  1. Ed says:

    Second Thoughts:

    “and so, with all speed, back to the Duke of York’s house, where mighty full again; but we come time enough to have a good place in the pit, and did hear this new play again, where, though I better understood it than before, yet my sense of it and pleasure was just the same as yesterday, and no more, nor any body else’s about us.”
    — S. Pepys, Wednesday December 9, 1668

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