Keep the Jade City Pharaoh Flying!

Mike Wiley as Herald MF Jones, in Jade City Chronicles

If you saw Little Green Pig’s world premiere production of Jade City Chronicles last season, then you’ve already met its African American superhero, Herald MF Jones who battles evil villains and protects the downtrodden citizens of Jade City.

The show, written by Durham playwright Howard L. Craft, played to packed houses for its 3-week run, and attracted the attention of Frank Stasio, host of the daily WUNC radio show, The State of Things. Stasio teamed up with Craft to turn it into a radio serial, called Jade City Pharaoh, the FIRST African-American superhero serial produced in the history of radio.

Seven episodes have already aired on WUNC, (listen to them here) but for them to continue, Herald Jones needs your support. The creators have started a Kickstarter fund raising campaign to pay production costs for the rest of the season. Their goal is $7,000, and they have already raised over $5,000 in pledges.

Please join in supporting this landmark radio drama. Visit the Jade City Pharaoh Kickstarter page and make your pledge now. The deadline is Friday February 17. Herald Jones and all the citizens of Jade City will thank you!

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