“Too Bright!” – S. Pepys

Ben Jonson

Samuel Pepys, 17th Century Theater Critic
Bartholomew Fair – Ben Jonson – ★★☆☆☆

Monday February 22, 1669:

“And in the evening I do carry them to White Hall, and there did without much trouble get into the playhouse, there in a good place among the Ladies of Honour, and myself also sat in the pit; and there by and by come the King and Queen, and they begun “Bartholomew Fayre.” But I like no play here so well as at the common playhouse; besides that, my eyes being very ill since last Sunday and this day se’nnight, with the light of the candles, I was in mighty pain to defend myself now from the light of the candles.”

via The Diary of Samuel Pepys


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