“I Could Have Danced All Night!” – S. Pepys

Samuel Pepys, engraving by Robert White, 1690

Samuel Pepys, 17th Century Theater Critic
The Lady’s Trial – John Ford – ★☆☆☆☆

Tuesday March 2, 1669:

“We fell to dancing, and continued, only with intermission for a good supper, till two in the morning…”

via The Diary of Samuel Pepys

Wednesday March 3, 1669:

“So to Unthanke’s, and there took up my wife, and carried her to the Duke of York’s playhouse, and there saw an old play, the first time acted these forty years, called “The Lady’s Tryall,” acted only by the young people of the house; but the house very full. But it is but a sorry play, and the worse by how much my head is out of humour by being a little sleepy and my legs weary since last night.”

via The Diary of Samuel Pepys


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