“Nosy Actors!” – S. Pepys

Samuel Pepys, 17th Century Theater Critic
The Country Gentleman – George Villiers and Sir Robert Howard
[banned, no review]

Saturday March 6, 1669:

” … I stepped to Sir W. Coventry at the Tower… He told me the matter of the play that was intended for his abuse, wherein they foolishly and sillily bring in two tables like that which he hath made, with a round hole in the middle, in his closet, to turn himself in; and he is to be in one of them as master, and Sir J. Duncomb in the other, as his man or imitator: and their discourse in those tables, about the disposing of their books and papers, very foolish.

But that, that he is offended with, is his being made so contemptible, as that any should dare to make a gentleman a subject for the mirth of the world: and that therefore he had told Tom Killigrew that he should tell his actors, whoever they were, that did offer at any thing like representing him, that he would not complain to my Lord Chamberlain, which was too weak, nor get him beaten, as Sir Charles Sidly is said to do, but that he would cause his nose to be cut.”

via The Diary of Samuel Pepys


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