“Star Crossed!” – S. Pepys

Astrological chart, late 17th century, artist unknown

Samuel Pepys, 17th Century Theater Critic
An Evening’s Love or The Mocke Astrologer – John Dryden – ★★☆☆☆
Claracilla – Thomas Killigrew – ★☆☆☆☆

Monday March 8, 1669:

“…after dinner with my wife alone to the King’s playhouse, and there saw “The Mocke Astrologer,” which I have often seen, and but an ordinary play…”

via The Diary of Samuel Pepys

Tuesday March 9, 1669:

“…thinking to have taken the young ladies to a play; but The. was let blood to-day; and so my wife and I towards the King’s playhouse, and by the way found Betty, and Bab., and Betty Pepys staying for us; and so took them all to see “Claricilla,” which do not please me almost at all, though there are some good things in it. “

via The Diary of Samuel Pepys


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